Refund Policy

Macaw parrots Refund Policy

We do provide a discount of “any” amount paid for a parrot or the opportunity to exchange in one Macaw parrot for another, but we don’t cover the costs of returning the bird. You are thus recommended to choose carefully from among our magnificent Macaw parrots.
If your bird has developed a fatal illness prior to flight that places him or her in a terrible medical situation, we will reduce your purchase or exchange it for another bird. If possible, provide a reference to the Health Guarantee page.

Our Macaw parrots often receive an approximate incentive based on their adult weight. We make use of the International Macaw Parrot Weight Chart to meet this need. The outline only provides an approximate or expected advantage, therefore we make sure that each adult parrot’s anticipated weight is precise.
You expressly agree to these conditions when you pay the entire amount or purchase a parrot from a store.
In light of this, we advise you to thoroughly evaluate our parrots by seeing their images and recordings before making a choice.

Macaw parrots Refund Policy 100% safe and we provide fast service and good communication with all our customers.