Shipping Policy

We provide a 1-year guarantee for congenital health on Macaw parrots. Both parties’ signatures on paper Your parrots will travel in an airline-approved pet carrier. That is constantly kept at a consistent temperature and pressure, along with food and water. We transport your parrots in luxury and comfort! We work hard to give you exceptional customer service from start to finish. Our knowledgeable team can help make your shipping experience as enjoyable as possible because to their years of expertise in the parrot shipping sector. In order to ensure your pet’s safety throughout the shipping procedure. We will also completely explain every element to you. (We only use airlines that have a Pet Safe Program in place to carry parrots.)

After the adoption procedure is complete, we will schedule the best time and date to fly your Macaw parrots to the closest major airport. You will be informed of the progress through email and/or phone call, along with information about your parrots’ travel and our Parrot Care Guide. A skilled delivery person would bring your parrots to your doorway.

Your pet will have a comfortable journey thanks to temperature-controlled planes, delivery trucks, and holding spaces in some stations. That will protect it from exposure to very cold or hot conditions. Unparalleled customer care from a committed group of experts who will work to make sure that your birds’ travels go without a hitch. Ground handlers have specialized training for mobile, individualized treatment.

Our parrot shipping service has been designed to make sure that every aspect of parrot transportation is taken care of. Once you’ve decided on a new family member, you want to make sure they arrive in your and your loved ones’ arms securely. The objective is to give you the greatest adoption experience possible. We work hard to make your shipping experience swift and simple since we are aware. That patience is in short supply while you wait to meet the newest member of your family.